Definitely on the mend.

Went to my early class, which was enjoyable. As part of my class contribution I had to write a small paragraph about myself- and I wrote a bit about baking, knitting and being a movie extra. I posted it on the class forum and the teacher liked it so much that she turned it into a reading comprehension and asked the class questions about what I do. I felt a little embarrassed and put on the spot, but at the same time somewhat proud.

Then I went to the Eiche (village next to my accommodation) to get the second bit of my prescription, walked back in the crisp November sunlight listening to upbeat music, and then met a friend for lunch. Then I went to my afternoon class, enjoyed it, and am now back home.

I got home to discover that I missed a parcel in the mail, but it just gives me an excuse to go on a nice relaxing walk up to the post office in the Eiche to collect it. Trying to turn hiccups into positive things is working. I’m looking forward to going on a nice walk there tomorrow, since I have no classes until 2pm.

As for the medication, it hasn’t visibly effected me. My mother made a big fuss over Skype saying I looked ‘out of it’, which wasn’t true at all, because she worries too much. The only noticable side effect was the dilated pupils. Though I find myself more energetic and slightly more aware of myself (not in a paranoid way, in a secure way).

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