Okay, I’ve been talking to a friend who has had lots of experience in antidepressants and has told me that I’ve been prescribed medication that I don’t even need.

Citalopram is for people who are suicidally depressed, and though I do feel like shit sometimes it’s never that bad. It’s more like ‘I feel crap and want to hide in my room for a few days with wine and chocolate’ rather than feeling tempted to go Sherlock out my bedroom window (on the 5th storey).

So I’m cutting down to quarter dose tomorrow (cutting it out completely even after 3 doses can have side effects) and continuing until my next appointment, where I’ll tell the doctor that I don’t need them and then I’ll flush them down the loo. Even if I get depressed again I’ll just do what I always do… stuff my face with chocolate and take some ‘Irish medicine’.

I’ve made it this far without these meds, and I’m not going to take them as a ‘preventative’ as the doctor suggested because the last thing I want is to get dependent or addicted.
(also I can’t drink or anything whilst on these meds >:c)