Ohyes, almost forgot~

Yesterday was an exciting day.

Went to my early class, finished early, and met up with the girls for grocery shopping for the barbecue that afternoon. After shopping we went to a sushi bar and I had my first taste of sushi. (I was in a sushi bar before but I just had vegetarian stuff and not sushi rolls) It was delicious! I’ll certainly be going back there. Also finally sent off for that stationary set.

When we got back to the complex we all started preparing the food- kebabs, sausages, apples and pears covered in sugar and cinnamon (for wrapping in tinfoil and caramelising on the coals), and cutting potatoes. Then we got our woolies on and headed out to the barbecue area on the residence.

I was given charge of the fire (I’m a pyro at heart) and after vigorous pumping, poking and bellowing we finally got it going. We were out there in the frosty cold for 3 hours, sipping mulled wine and beer, roasting the odd marshmallow. When people were having trouble cooking the meat I had the smashing idea of putting tinfoil over the food and putting coal on it.

Then we went into the kitchen of the neighbouring tower and heated up the rest of the mulled wine in a giant pot and ladled it into cups, and played some drinking games and card games. It was great fun.

Though I burnt a few holes in my coat while I was stoking the fire and I have some blisters on my hands, I’d certainly like to relive that night.

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